09 Nov 2022

Wearing a mask but why are you infected with covid-19?

Wearing a mask but why are you infected with Covid-19?

A study of people infected with COVID-19 found that some patients protect themselves by wearing masks regularly. But can still be infected with COVID-19 due to wearing a mask wrongly including that there may be lax behavior in some measures

Causes for contracting COVID-19 even waring a mask

  • Touching the secretions-contaminated hands to the face, eyes, and nose.
  • Wearing a mask in the wrong way where the edge of the mask is not close to the face or cover the mouth and nose completely.
  • Keep the hygienic mask in a place where there is a risk of germs accumulation such as pants pocket. Shoulder bags or placed on the table during meals, where there is a risk of germs.
  • Repeated use of the same mask increases the risk of contracting COVID-19, which contaminates the surface of the mask.
  • Use your hand to touch the mask.

The advice from a doctor. COVID-19 is transmitted through large droplets and exposure to secretions, so in addition to wearing a mask properly. You have to wash your hands and wipe the areas that you touch frquently on a regular basis. 


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